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Alright, how long has it been since updated this hunkajunka? A year?


Anyway, important announcement, so perk your ears, park your rears and feel the flouride sting of me pissed off about something totally unrelated.

What's the fudge is up with deviantART?

Ask yourself that, look around this website and see what it's about.  

Pageviews? Fanbases? Print Sale Statistics? Admin/Subscirber Status?  

I've been here five decent years, and have made tremendous improvement in my artwork (namely, mah art looks like the things they look like). And any improvement in my art and status as an artists has had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH deviantART.

I came back here this week to look at dA and I finally saw it for what it was. A website originally created as a stomping for a circle of artists who were also the founders, and there's nothing wrong with that. But when it turned into a profitable business that uses favortism, and cockbull reasoning (which heavily relies on the popularity of the involved parties) to settle domestic disputes. It's like a pet dog that you adopt as a puppy, it's really cute. But as it grows older, the poop gets bigger and it starts doing unspeakable things to your furniture.  

But I can't hold the admins/website owners/art monkey overseers responsible for how crappy this place has gotten; somebody has to make money off it. Viva Free Enterprise!

The problem lies with us, the users. Who joined this joint under the influence of the idea that doing so would get us somewhere in the art field.  

How wrong I was to think that.

I see dA, as a concentration of fetish artists, fanservice providers, whiners, wannabes, unoriginality, and me. The cancer that is killing the world of online art communities. Putting your work here will accomplish NOTHING. If any of y'all actually want to go somewhere with your art work, you have to actually DO STUFF. Like go to Art School. Get internships. Starting putting your stuff out there in the real world media. Make portfolios. Etcetera, etcetera.  

Which is what I've been doing as of late, busting my buns to get work done for class, going out to gallery openings and talking with professional artists. And all of them agreed, that putting your artwork in here, on the web, will get nothing done for you.

But what about prints and online stores where I can sellz my sh*tz!!!!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!???!111/1/1

If you want to make money, I'm not gonna stop you. Just keep in mind that the world of merchandise is a gamble. How the hell do you even know that ANYONE will buy your stuff? Is the chance worth taking? And keep in mind of middleman fees that exist in dA print accounts and cafepress shopkeep accounts. The price tag might say the costumer will pay a fiver for that shirt you designed, but how much of a cut goes to the middle man? And is the price good enough to cover expenses for making the merch?  

If any of y'all want to go into the business side of art - take some business classes. Just cause dA and cafepress dumb down the process don't mean it's the easier road.  

But what about your 4we50me k0//1k5? 1 //33d //r3 //1//15!!!!

What about my comics? What about Nimis?  

Sorry kids, the motivation's not there anymore. And it's not like it was worth the effort. How much was I making a page? zilch. How much did I make off of merchandise. Whatever MaskDT paid for that thong. And while selling thongs is a sacred cause, it's not worth it at the moment. I got other stuff to focus on, like college.  

50 y00r ju57 qu1771//g?

More or less, I'm quitting the dA scene. I'm gonna start working on building a reputation in the real world.  

In short, I'm quitting dA. Buh bye!

I might come back in a while with a suprise. But don't get your hopes up.

If any of y'all want to take me to internet court over anything I've said in this journal, talk to my man with the red tie:…

Peace and love,
this guy



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dorian-is-dead Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
Hi, thank you for following, liking or commenting on my work in the past. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to show their own appreciation for the work I produce. The stuff I have shared on this site now seems extremely far removed from the work I am producing now [several years later] and I have made the decision to leave this site.

I wanted to let you know that if you would like to keep updated with future work I produce or just check out what I’m up to please feel free to follow my tumblr which I shall be keeping updated on a regular basis.


It’s currently filled with work from the foundation year I just completed at Camberwell College of Arts and next year will continue as I go on to BA Fine Art.

Thank you again for your past support and any future likes, reblogs or follows ☺

Kieran J Carter
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